Dellner Expands Czech Plant

Dellner Expands Czech Plant

31 January 2023

STAŇKOVICE, Czech Republic — Heavy-duty brake manufacturer Dellner Bubenzer Group recently expanded its Czech facility, specifically used to manufacture products for on and offshore wind turbine applications across Europe.

Dellner Hydratech Czech Republic s.r.o. is strategically located in Staňkovice, Czech Republic, near major hubs, including Prague, Frankfurt, and Munich. The 7,100 square-meter site—it is overseen by Jiří Koudela, general manager—has been approved by major stakeholders in the wind energy market, such as Siemens Gamesa and Vestas. It has also been awarded with a series of ISO certifications.

Dellner’s heavy-duty rotor, yaw, and pitch brakes are used in various wind energy applications. Rotor brakes are typically caliper style (active or passive) and Dellner offers rotor lock style pins (hydraulic, manual) for safety locking and maintenance purposes. Yaw brakes (active or passive) and sliding bearings along with special brakes are installed for pitch movement on the blades.

The newly-expanded Czech facility—it now boasts increased capacity for pitch cylinders production—is primarily focused on provision of power packs; pitch units and manifolds; pitch cylinders; cooling units; and accumulators, filled with Nitrogen. Today, 35 employees contribute to annual turnover of approx. €20 million from this single location.

Joel Cox, Dellner Bubenzer Group’s global sales director—wind, said: “To support wind energy superpowers like Siemens Gamesa and Vestas takes a state-of-the-art production operation. Every pitch cylinder, power pack, manifold, accumulator, etc., must be manufactured to the highest possible standards. Combining the whole Dellner Bubenzer [legacy Pintsch Bubenzer, JHS, Dellner] and Dellner Hydratech [legacy Hydratech Industries] ranges following ongoing group-level expansion, further enhances our offering to these high-profile customers.”

Dellner Bubenzer Group has additional wind-specific facilities in Silkeborg, Denmark; Dorsten, Germany; Bangalore and Chennai, India; Suzhou, Tianjin, and Beijing, China; and Alabama. China is one of the world’s numerous wind energy hotbeds, while India is also in steady growth mode, and long-term offshore growth especially is expected in North America and Europe.

Cox, who recently stepped up into the wind leadership role, added: “Leading the team globally and connecting our complete wind / renewables portfolio is very exciting; we have so many great people around the world. Having visited the Czech facility last November, I was astonished to see first-hand the craftsmanship and professionalism we now possess.”

Dellner Bubenzer Group will look to build momentum at WindEurope, which takes place in Copenhagen, in April; and Cleanpower, which will be staged the following month across the Atlantic in New Orleans.

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