No Stopping Us Now

No Stopping Us Now

18 August 2021

Pintsch Bubenzer takes its foot off the brakes as it accelerates its business empire.

Dellner Brakes, part of Pintsch Bubenzer, has relaunched as Dellner Bubenzer and rebranded the company image with a new logo and website. The announcement means Dellner Brakes JHS, Dellner Brakes, Dellner Industrial, Pintsch Bubenzer and Rima are operating as one company, reinforcing its worldwide scope with a local focus.

In an open letter to its customers announcing the launch, Marcus Aberg, CEO, Kai Koelker, COO, and Jan-Willem Schoneveld, CCO, Dellner Bubenzer, said in a statement; ‘We are not changing who we are or how we produce, develop and serve you. We are simply coming together, stronger and united as one.


Article Featured in Hoist Magazine / August 2021

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