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The Swiss Stöcklin Group supplies and manufactures pallet conveyor systems for fully automated storage and retrievals in warehouses all over the world.

The core element of the Stöcklin systems are MASTer series modular stacker cranes, which enable fully automatic handling of industrial pallets, pallet cages, special load carriers and larger packing units in pallet racks up to 45 m high.

All standard elements from Stöcklin Logistik AG can be adapted for use in refrigerated storage, with temperatures down to -30°C.


The Dellner Bubenzer Safety Brake System (SBS) for stacker cranes consists of an SKP 50, 65 or 95 disc brake that acts directly on the stacker crane travel railhead. The brake and integrated Dellner Bubenzer hydraulic power pack (HPP) is mounted on a bracket designed to fit the crane’s structure.

For warehouses where regular hydraulic oil isn’t allowed, the systems can, as an option, be supplied with food grade, freeze grade or food-freeze grade oil, instead of the standard mineral based oil.

Compared with hydraulic buffers, an emergency brake system has the following advantages.

  • Cranes can be stopped anywhere in the aisle if speed exceeds a set limit or in an emergency, so they can work at higher speeds
  • Retardation and mechanical forces acting on the cranes can be up to three times lower, which can extend crane life or allow a lighter crane to be used
  • Overrun areas at the ends of the aisles are minimised, allowing more storage space
  • Running and maintenance costs can be reduced